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When Pantone announced purple as color of the year for 2018 I started thinking about purple's many associations, from royalty and pop stars to the perennial favorite of teenage girls. 



People tend to have a love or hate relationship with purple. If blue is a safe choice and red it's powerful and sexy sister, purple is their free spirited cousin. A rare color in nature, and originally extremely expensive to produce, (12,000 shellfish had to be sacrificed  to make enough purple dye for one garment in 1900 BC) it's no wonder the color was once reserved for only the most privileged. 


If you don't have any purple in your wardrobe, the time is now to give it a go. You'll find lots of choices in the new year.

Why Not Try:
A purple scarf or top paired with your black jacket
Deep purple tights with a black dress
Purple velvet gloves with your winter coat
Lavender nail polish or lipgloss
Don't be surprised if you get extra compliments , even if only by the 13 and under set!



  My Jackie Top in Purple Spot $110                                                                                    

My V-Neck Haynes Blouse $110 and fringed scarf $48 in lavender zebra





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